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babies!!! [Sep. 20th, 2009|07:18 pm]
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[Current Music |baby kittens crying for <3]

so, i've had an interesting day off....

we have had this cat showing up at our house for a few months now and my mom finally caught it and took it to the vet on thursday. it turned out to be a girl, about 8 months old. she got her blood work, shots and he spayed her on friday. he said that it looked like she had a litter, but that they probably didn't make it b/c of how young she is.

well, the morning, i'm woken up by my dad, saying my mom needs me right away. she was hanging some towels on the line to dry, and she heard some crying. turns out to be our cat's 3 kittens on the side of the house under a holly bush. their eyes are open but they are super tiny, not ready for solid food. so i have been syringe feeding them kitty milk that we had. they are also to young to go to the potty on their own. so i have to stimulate them to do that too. so i'm nursing 3 kittens. at least every 2 hours....

they are so fricken cute and i want to keep them all!! idk if my mom is going to like that idea, but i'm going to try and keep at least one. my brother seems to like them which is weird b/c brian isn't a big cat person. but they are too cute not to like ;)

so now we have 4 cats in the house. 3 babies and 1 mommy who is a baby herself. yay kitties!!! >D