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update and i need an opinion [Aug. 30th, 2009|11:24 pm]
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fast update, b/c in my infinite wisdom i agreed to working tomorrow (which i originally had off) so now i'm working mon-sat, making today my only day off. this after getting stuck at work until almost 9pm on friday (almost 11 hours with only a 1/2 hour lunch), getting home after 11pm, and having to get up at 5:45 to catch the 7:14 to be back at work for 10am. i am going to be so fricken tired this week and it hasn't even started. i just hope that by working crazy like this, i will be getting hired full-time soon and get some benefits. plus, once my license # comes through, i will be getting a pay raise, which will also be very nice.

so other than work, um, i have no life? i got a few days off, so i went to pa to visit with ky and a few other friends. very relaxing and i didn't want to come home. did some shopping at the outlets and spent almost $200 on books at boarders....i know i have a problem, but it's my one vice and thing that i indulge myself in.

i finally found some good books on norse and celtic mythology. a lot of the fictional books i have been into lately reference different mythologies and i wanted to refresh my knowledge. and i've always been interested in this anyway.

the opinion i asked for is on a new comforter for my bed. i have been looking and i think i found one i like. i want something soft to the touch and not flowery or girly but nice (am i making sense?) but i saw this on target's website today and i might order this. my mom said to ask for it for christmas, but i wanted a new one sooner than that. something else to think about. here is a picture of it, let me know what you think please!!!


[User Picture]From: sciencenerd
2009-09-01 01:42 am (UTC)
i really like that .. won't show dirt and whatnot but still pretty
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[User Picture]From: jenzilla
2009-09-01 02:36 am (UTC)
thanks =)

i was maybe going to get a solid or something, but i saw this on their website and i really liked it. i agree about the dirt thing (one of the things i was thinking, b/c as we all know, i am a klutz).

i just hope it is comfy. i might go to target on sunday when i have off to see what it feels like. the reviews on the site were good, so i'm not too worried. do you think i should get it if i like it, or wait for christmas?

i like that it has leaves instead of fricken flowers, ugh. too prissy.

<3 youuuuuuuu
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[User Picture]From: sciencenerd
2009-09-01 01:57 pm (UTC)
target has comfy stuff.. i have one cover from them and my sheets.. wendy got a blanket from them and it is really good quality
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